Who Are We?

madSkills is a small freelance software consultancy business located in beautiful Holstebro, Denmark. We deliver full-stack software solutions to a wide range of domains and projects.

We are experts in C# and the .Net framework with more than 10 years of experience. We focus on writing maintainable code based on the SOLID pricinples. We are experienced practitioners of TDD, DDD and OO programming. Aside from pure programming disciplines we also have strong experience in operations of various Microsoft server technologies. In recent years we have gained experience with continous delivery and integration.

In the recent 2-3 years we have gained significant experience with frontend development. We are experienced in developing frontend SPA solutions using AngularJS. We have participated in delivering several enterprise solutions using AngularJS.

We have basic knowledge on developing apps for both iOS and Android. We base all our apps on Ionic. Ionic is a hybrid app framework, where we can utilize our frontend experience with AngularJS, SASS, and CSS.

With more than 10 years in the professional software business, we have experience from a large range of different projects and domains.

  • +10 years of experience with C# and .Net.
  • Maintainable code based on SOLID priciples.
  • TDD, DDD, and OO practitioners.
  • Frontend SPA solutions based on AngularJS.
  • Strong cross-domain project experience.
  • Knowledge of developing hybrid apps with Ionic for iOS and Android.

Profile Picture

Mads Tjørnelund Toustrup
Mads Tjørnelund ToustrupFounder & Senior Consultant
With 10+ years of experience from a wide range of domains and projects, Mads has been delivering software services in such well-known companies as Bang & Olufsen, DONG Energy, and d60.

Mads is comfortable moving full-stack and have delivered succesful projects in all layers of the architecture. TDD, DDD, and OO are fundamental elements in Mads toolbox.

Mads shares his experience at meetup and talks with user groups around the country.